June Favourites

Here's my June favourites finally! I've been thinking about this one for a while...what I should put for each category and which categories I can actually fill! The month of June was great, June is by far my favourite month and my summer break began on the 7th of this month. Since then I've done a lot...but not if that even makes sense? I've finally managed to relax but I don't have much to show for all of this relaxing, my last post I shared was of my weekend away and I didn't even have many photos for 4 whole days away...but that's all fine! I'll just share my thoughts with you all in this!


Actually this month I think I'm going to go for my toner as my favourite skincare product. I use this thing multiple times a day, it only cost £2 and honestly I'm not sure about actual benefits...but It's a great way to cool down. I use the Simple Vital Vitamins toner to cool down my face in this hot weather and I even have a spray bottle to put it in. (I used to buy the Evian sprays...but how expensive they are just for water in a spray -_-).
Also, Miss A's Suzy advises that younger skin should use less complicated products. This is definitely not complicated! So I love it! It's only £2 so go and check it out :)


I've found my HG BB Cream for my skin right now! I'm saying right now because obviously our skin conditions and the weather influence what our HG products are really...but at the moment this is definitely in my top favourites. Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream in the lightest shade #21! I can't go wrong with this, it looks natural, I don't need powder and it's got SPF 42. I've got no complains about this BB Cream and I'm tempted to go back and buy the travel version for emergencies as well. 


Who am I kidding? There was no competition for this month's song category. The second CL announced her solo debut we all knew this would happen. Of course she's my favourite for this month, next month and every month. CL is 2013's PSY for me...which makes YG Entertainment the leading company for at least 2 years in a row...(I think I picked Big Bang for the year before though so make it 3)
The Baddest Female is like marmite though. Some Blackjacks are hating on her. But she's so great and perfect and yep....that's all xD I also can't wait for 2NE1's comebacks...wow. The next half of this year is going to be 2NE1 all over. 

Music Video

Okay so I might just be cheating a little on this one. This music video was released on the 28th of the month. But the anticipation for this video is what makes it my favourite. I was waiting for weeks before the release and BAP's comebacks are always perfect.
I love CN Blue's Coffee Shop, Yoseop's Caffeine...Coffee related songs are always great. Before I even heard this song or watched even the teasers I knew this would be perfect...
As usual BAP never let me down and plus Zelo's grown up so much in this song so yay! If you haven't watched the video yet, check it out below!


This is probably a surprise to you...but after getting Netflix last month I've been watching a show constantly. Nope it's not a Korean one. Or Japanese. Or Chinese. Or Thai... It's American. I actually do watch a lot of American and British shows I just don't share them in my favourites because they're usually already crazy popular! But I feel like I definitely need to share this one! 
White Collar! Matt Bomer is beautiful so that was the reason I started watching...but it's not the reason I'm still watching. This show is just perfect and I'm now on the 3rd season. This show is the main reason for my lack of blogging and late nights. I'll confess that. So please check out the trailer below!


You all know how much I love Viki to watch things on. I rave about these guys constantly. Well one of the top rated movies on Viki is Aisha. I'd never watched it before even though it's always stuck at the top of all of the lists...from the movie poster I didn't think I'd like it! But I've now learnt to never again judge a movie by it's poster! This is the first Indian film I've watched the whole way through....and I now get why it's so highly rated! I've left the trailer below for you to watch before you head over to Viki to watch it ;)

There's not many categories for this month...but then again not much happened by way of variety! I started using lots of new products again but not all of them I want to share with you all so I'm restrained by that but I hope you enjoyed these favourites and please check out some of them if you've got some free time! Especially the movies and songs! If you've got a favourites post then feel free to link me to it in the comment section below and have a great day