Summer/Beach Makeup Tutorial

A number of readers have asked about how many products I really need to use to create a full face of makeup. I decided to accept the challenge and try and use only 5 products to do a full face of makeup. Now I could potentially have only used 2 or 3 but I wanted to do a full colour makeup version....just BB cream and concealer would have been boring right?

Here's the five products I chose! From top-to-bottom:
  1. Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream in the shade #21
  2. Etude House's Styling Eye Liner in the colour #01 Black
  3. The Face Shop's Design My Eyebrow in #04 Brown
  4. Tony Moly's Tony Tint in Cherry Pink 
  5. Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer in #1 Fair

Starting with the base, I've got two of my favourite products right now! These are both great lightweight summer products, good coverage and just great staples to have. 
Missha's Perfect Cover has SPF42 and PA+++ so it has protection which is essential for any beach or summer look and the Collection concealer claims to last 16 hours. Unfortunately I don't keep my makeup on for 16 hours so I couldn't test that really...maybe I will though and get back to you guys!

Rather than putting on BB cream first, I prefer to apply concealer. It's easier to blend and matches the colour better. Because I use this concealer as my under-eye one it's slightly lighter than my skin tone and the BB cream so I put it on first so I don't get patches of white!

As you can see I've put the product along my nose bridge because we're not using a highlighter. Finding diverse products is pretty essential, rather than having 3 different products (an under-eye concealer, blemish concealer and highlighter) I've managed to get away with just one! I'm also not using a brush here, just my fingers.

So now I'm all blended in, as you can see the coverage is pretty good and it's not too shiny either which was my only concern when I first decided to switch to liquid concealers rather than sticks.

Now moving onto the BB cream, this is my HG for the summer. My skin right now is so pale - which seems to contradict the summer sun... - so this is the only BB that seems light enough for me! 
Although don't be put off by the colour on me, I have the lightest shade and there is some darker ones!

This is how much product I'm using today. This is about one pump worth and it covers my face generously. I actually think I used a lot of product today!

I use a technique that's called "dotting"...for obvious reasons! You simply dot the product around your face so the coverage is even. I've been doing this for years and assumed everyone applied product like this...but it turns out not everyone does! I love this method because I know my coverage is really even and if I need more on one area I can apply it to that individual space more.

Now I'm all blended and my base is ready to go! Potentially you could finish here if your brows were pretty good. At the moment I've got some bald patches so I have to fill mine in. 

Don't forget to wash your hands between the steps! Especially after completing your base makeup. To avoid getting your face or products dirty please remember to wash them! This is why I like doing my makeup in the bathroom or having hand sanitiser next to my makeup.

Next up is eyebrows. I tried to mute these down - and the flash lighting never helps...I swear it never picks up the colour... - Because my lip colour will be bright I didn't want too much going on with the eye region.

For some reason I didn't take any photos of the eyebrows alone, so here's both my eyeliner and eyebrow. You can hardly see it's there. That's because I've smudged the eyeliner out. One of the problems with pencil eyeliner is that it smudges...but if it's smudged intentionally then it doesn't matter right? This lasts a lot longer than my liquid liners and it doesn't run in the same way.

I'm using the Styling EyeLiner. I also want to try the White version as well if I can get hold of it, I was going to buy both at once but I decided to just stick with the black for now to trial it out. It's not very pigmented, but my eyes don't seem to suit heavy eyeliner so that's a good thing for me!

Here's the tip! It was originally pointed I think, but after using it once or twice it went like this instead...

This is one of my favourite all time products. It's so versatile and this is why I love water lip tints rather than milky or jelly ones. I can also use this as a blush! (and I'm sure if you wanted red eye makeup you could apply it there as well) It's just my favourite guys! xD

I applied three dots along my cheek in a triangle shape and just blended out. Try not to get too close to the nose area, one of the issues I had using this rather than my normal powder or cream blushes is that it dries really fast so it doesn't blend too well. It took a couple of days practising to get the hang of it, but I think I like it now, it's not perfect but I'm getting there!

As you can camera has decided to pick up the red a lot so you can see the colour clearly! Because I waited whilst taking pictures of the application, it hasn't blended well in the corner. but this adds a lot of colour! It makes it kind of interesting I think!

And now lip application! Just draw three dots along the bottom and two on the top (either side of your cupid's bow). If you want it to have a gradient effect then stick to applying in the middle and just blend out otherwise try to apply an even coat. 
Remember to apply lip balm as part of your morning routine so your lip isn't cracked for when you apply the tint! Don't apply the tint just after you've applied the lip balm though because otherwise it may slide.

And here's the finished lip colour look! I finally managed to capture the colour of the tint well! In my tutorial, the lighting wasn't as good as this and it didn't reflect the true colour of the tint. I'm glad I've finally got it for you though!

And as a quick review, here's everything we used! It's also a great travel set! You don't need to worry about carrying extra brushes and these products will all fit in a small makeup bag or a pocket in your bag. 
This is also a great technique for students on a budget ;) All of these products are pretty cheap and versatile so you don't need to worry about investing in anything!

And here's the final look! It's pretty basic and the lip colour actually goes really well with my beach bag! (Which I haven't actually had an opportunity to use yet...someone take me to the beach! xD) 

Have a great day everyone and I hope you enjoyed this post!

If you had to only use 5 products, which ones would you use?