Avon Haul

I haven't shared a haul with you all for such a long time...and I felt this time that I owed you a haul post! It's really not much compared to some bloggers hauls...but I'm just impressed with the price tag of this! The whole thing came to £12.99! :O I'm not going to share the price of individual items as some of them were offer or came as part of a deal/free... but I'll just get on with it and show you what I bought!

First up! This bubble bath... yeah~ not feeling this so much. I've used it once so far, my mum walked past my bathroom as I was running it~ and she hated the smell of it! I don't mind it much~ but I'm definitely not repurchasing!

This shower gel on the other hand...I LOVE it. I'm definitely going to get my hands on another one~ and perhaps buy the entire line of these ones as well. It's really fruity and just a pleasant refreshing smell... I wish I could share the smell of it with you all~ but hey... you'll just have to trust me I suppose!

It's starting to get warmer around the world now. So we need to bump up the SPF factor in our products. This moisturiser has SPF 20 in it~ therefore...I had to buy it! I know now that even if I don't put on sun cream, I'm protected from the sun. The only thing about this - as with most western sun care by the looks of it - it gives a huge white cast. But it's bearable for the price and the qualities of this! 

Here's a swatch of the moisturiser. It has a jelly-like formula and is pretty thick honestly!

Next up is a hair mask. I've also only used this once so far. I hate the smell of it...but the effect it gives is great so it's fine. I have a feeling this was one of the free products as well~ so I'm not too bothered about how it works honestly!
The consistency of this is too liquidy though and it does slide off of my hair to quickly...
I picked this one up though because my hair has been really dry recently~ 

Next up is a lip balm! This has SPF 15, I featured it in my last favourites post~ and it's great. It's convenient and easy. The only thing perhaps though that's irritating is the size. I would have liked it bigger...

Last is a nail decoration tool! I'm going to learn to do lots more designs... if anyone has any recommendations~ please feel free to share! Hopefully if I master this, I'll post some tutorials maybe! I think this was free or on offer as well?

 As you can see, it wasn't a huge haul~ but I rarely purchase any British/Western products these days! So I thought it was quite an achievement to get this much! I also received a cardigan...but I put that in the washing and forgot to photograph it...so I'll probably post it as an OOTD some time in the future maybe...

Have you ever bought anything from Avon? If so, what was it and do you like it? If not, do you think you would?

Hope you all have a great weekend and are enjoying your Easter breaks! I'll leave you now with my family's empty coffee mugs from when we met up in Starbucks the other day!