Hey Mister Sun! [안녕 미스터 태양!]

I'm not sure about all of your countries, but this week in England it's been particularly sunny! Although I burn easily and am photosensitive, I'm a summer baby at heart. I was born at the end of June, which is the height of summer! I love summer photos, music, clothes...everything. Each year I create a summer playlist which is played pretty much the whole summer and contains everything I want out of my summer. Last year I created a post showing some of my songs on this playlist (which you can check out here), so I decided to the same again this year! I've screenshot my playlist to share with you and I'll pick out the top 5 songs in the playlist and tell you about the song and why I picked it to put in the playlist!

This year my playlist is called "안녕 미스터 태양!" (Hey mister sun!) and it's more indie than last year's! Last year I had a lot of big name k-pop artists like PSY, BAP and Big Bang... this year I've stuck more to Standing Egg and just tried to mix it up a bit. A lot of K-pop fans are scared of venturing out to new groups but with this year's playlist I've tried to do something different.
As you can see, the playlist consists of K-pop and J-pop tracks... I also had some Indonesian and Filipino and Thai tracks in there...but I took those out for two reasons... either they didn't fit the overall atmosphere I wanted to create or I had them in previous summer playlists.

Now moving onto the top 5 tracks on this playlist, I'll tell you about them...why I put them in that place and I'll link to the music video at the end of each song!

Fly to Love - LUNAFLY

This is the first song I'll listen to on this playlist. I've organised the songs exactly how I want to listen to them, so it won't be shuffled... I've picked the English version of this song because it's the one I know the best and I wanted to mix it up a bit language-wise... 
I really love LunaFly at the moment. They just seem really fresh and new and great to me. Sam Carter is my favourite member - the British one.... *shamefully biased towards my British men* - and I just think this song in particular fits really well with my playlist. It was the first song I picked for the list and therefore all of the songs are based around this one.
I could have easily put in their whole album...but I had to restrain myself! I recommend LunaFly though! Both for Korean and English songs!


This song was clearly going in my playlist...after the first 10 seconds of watching the music video when it was released, I knew I was keeping it in there... I know it's slightly more spring orientated than summer...but it gave off the right vibe for me and Roy Kim's voice is great. I love the whistling break and the catchy lyric. The video is also great...
Roy Kim got second place in this playlist because I wanted him as a transition between LunaFly and Jay Park!

JOAH - Jay Park

Everyone knows that Jay Park has a special place in my heart. I always want him in every playlist I make...but he rarely fits into it honestly! That's why I was so happy when he released "Joah"... it's just a better vibe for me and I feel like he's really back in his roots with this one!
I love Jay Park and I don't think I really need to explain why!
Joah has a place in this playlist because it genuinely just makes me happy and I feel like when I'm sitting out at the beach or walking home from places listening to this song...it'll just make my day~ 

MayDay - Mario

I really do love Mario. Mario's Superman was one of my first K-pop songs and therefore Mario has always has a pretty special place in my heart. This was the one real exception I made to my self-imposed rule that I couldn't repeat last year's tracks! I just love this song so much and it'll never get old. May Day is the embodiment of summer and just the sound of Mario and Kim ChangYoul's voices are great. 
Mario's rapping is perfect as usual and ChangYoul's singing just makes the song go from a summer rap to a summer classic. 
If you hadn't checked out this song when it was first released, please do! It's one of my top played songs of all time...my most played last year and I just love Mario too much... 

Love Blossom - K.Will

It really was the title of this track that attracted me when it came out. The word blossom is obviously related to "sakura" (cherry blossom) and therefore...the title "Love Blossom" makes me happy just because...
The chorus is really why this song is in this playlist. I love the chorus of this song and it really makes the song what it is...
I liked the song when it came out...but after watching K.Will on Simon and Martina's EatYourKimchi, I fell in love with him and then I appreciated this song so much more. 
I'll admit that I'm not a K.Will fan, but this song made me want to hear more of him and I have gone and got his other stuff after this release!
This song is mainly on here because I don't create a spring playlist... I'm not going to lie... obviously blossoms are a spring thing and it doesn't really fit with the whole beach/summer theme but the feel of this song does!

So that's the end of this playlist cover! I've only gone into detail about the first 5 songs on my playlist so there's obviously a lot more I could have said...but that would have gone on forever and become pretty boring! (plus I don't have a lot to say for some songs) 
But what I would love to know is:

What are your favourite songs at the moment? Do you create a playlist for the summer? If so, what tracks are you definitely having on there?

Have a great day everyone and enjoy the sun, stay safe though and remember your SPF!