Why did you start blogging?

Here's something I've been thinking of quite a lot recently. Why did I really start blogging? I've been reading a few of those blogging guides recently, the first question all of the guides ask is "why are you blogging?"... I realised that I've never really asked myself that question before... so here I am trying to answer it!

My blog was started on the 1st of January 2011. My first post was titled "明けましておめでとうございます" (Happy New Year).... kind of appropriately I suppose. It just contained my new years resolutions and everything. Before that I had a personal journal on LiveJournal. I don't think I started my blog for followers, readers or anything. It was more of a space where I could write something and link it on twitter. My second post was when my tweets reached 9,000. I assume (I'm just assuming here because it was awhile ago...and I don't really remember that well honestly) that blogger was just a twitter extension to me!
So my story there about the origins are a little boring...

It stayed around that way for a while, a personal blog, with the occasional popular post... but nothing much really happened!
The strange thing is...I have stats from 2008...but posts from 2011 onwards. Until 2011 though I had pretty much no pageviews though. My most was 17....they were probably me as well!

I'll admit that it wasn't my intention to get followers, I didn't read many other blogs and I definitely wasn't sociable.
One of my first reviews was the SKIN79 BB, you can check
it out (here)
Things didn't start getting better really until November 2012. I started posting proper reviews. Probably helped by the fact I started buying Asian beauty products from cosmeticlove. My first purchase was actually Etude House's SHINI STAR Lip Balm in Jonghyun's colour. I guess that shows that I'm originally a k-popper! It kept growing and I set myself the goal that I needed to get more pageviews each month from now on. That was supposed to help my blog steadily grow and give me some motivation to create content that other people would enjoy, not just myself.

My style of blogging definitely changed around that time. I was blogging for myself before. Now I'm blogging for my satisfaction and for you all to read. I started commenting more on the blogs I was reading...I posted my blog for people to see~ and I'm pretty happy with the way I'm going now.
To facilitate this change, I initially wanted to move from Blogger to Wordpress and make myself more professional looking... but actually I used Wordpress a little and quickly got scared off. I've used Blogger for years and I love this.

One of my old blog designs!

I'm not going to pretend that I want my blog to stay at the same rate forever, I obviously have goals and ambitions for where this blog is going... but I'm happy with the rate I'm at now. I'm not overwhelmed with the amount of posts I do and I'm obviously doing my A Levels at the moment alongside this... and in two months once I've done my finals and it's all over, I'm planning on putting much more effort into this and creating so much more, better photos, more content, better graphics... so I'm looking forward to that right now!

I don't like setting myself numbers to achieve. Personally I don't work that way. I just want to do better than I am now. That seems like a vague target, but for me to keep enjoying this, I think it's kind of necessary honestly.

This month I've just posted my first fully body shots online. To me, that does mean a lot. Everyone else might not see any significance in it, but after battling with weight loss and body image for a year~ being able to finally show people myself does mean alot to me.
Past me... Look how much my wall has grown now!

My whole story is pretty sentimental to be honest. There's not much interesting to tell and I actually have changed my whole image and motivations while blogging. I've found who I am during this time. I've changed who I am. The only thing that hasn't changed is my name.
I've just always loved writing (I guess that's reflected in the classes I take!) ^^ and this is a great outlet for it!

Why did you start blogging? Have you changed since you created your blog? Are you really satisfied with your blog? 
Really, if you can't answer these questions...maybe you should look into it and see if you find a surprise like I did when I looked into the history of my blog!

I wonder where the future is going to take us?