Lets Talk Koreans: Idols I'm Impressed With

Who impresses you in the idol world?
Obviously, all idols are pretty impressive...what with them being idols and all. But here's 4 that I think are either really underrated or I have a personal attachment to them. 
Feel free to disagree with me in the comment section below, I'm welcoming criticisms and discussion here and everything! So don't feel like you need to disagree with me!

First up! HANGENG! Okay. So he's not Korean. But he speaks Korean and performed there for so long! He's pretty much a Korean xDD Ex-Super Junior member, he left the world famous (and as Leeteuk claims at the start of the song "From U", they've got the "world's biggest fanclub"... Now DBSK have split officially and all, I wouldn't be surprised if Super Junior have got the biggest fanclub. Hangeng left all of that behind. I'm honestly not interested that much in why he left - it's also not particularly pleasant... as you can probably guess - he left all the friends he made over in Korea (Heechul xD) and went back to China. Released two CDs... And I just think he's great. He could have easily just gone back to China and left music completely. But he stuck with it, and even though after all these years~ he's still stuck with the title "Ex-Super Junior Member Hangeng", he's managed to shake the image pretty well.
Well done Hangeng! Even though I didn't care much for him when he was in SuJu...I've now got some of his tracks in my top rated song collection and he's great. So we're proud of you buddy.

Next up is another guy who left his group. Sort of.  I remember pretty clearly actually the day it all went up. Ahh... Well let's just leave it as Jaybeum didn't leave 2PM on the best of terms. Personally I don't think JYP handled that situation particularly well...but recently I don't think he's handled much well! Park Jaybeum leaves 2PM...is shipped back to America and turns into Jay Park as we know him today. With AOM, I think he's done great. Personally, I was Jaybeum biased...I didn't like 2PM much, just him. So when he left~ I didn't bother with 2PM much anymore (I'm more of a 2AM person)... 
Jay Park has done so much better alone. Let's just leave it at that. Even though I disagree with his amount of tattoos and everything~ he seems happier. He's worked his way back up. And like Hangeng, he could have easily just left it all behind. Especially because he went back to the other side of the world. Yet he didn't. 
As I'm not in Korea, I can't tell whether Korea themselves have forgiven him for the whole incident. But I said it at the time, and I'll say it again. So what? The definition of a scandal is absurd and although I don't think Jay Park should have been kicked out, he's done so much better alone! So well done!

Ahh my babies. You know how much these guys mean to me. I've been backing them since 2005. (Yes I was about 9/10 then...) If it wasn't for these three and Yunho and Changmin...I wouldn't like J-pop, K-pop, Dramas, Skincare...anything I am now really. So firstly, THAAANKKS. 
I'm going to try and keep it brief and not talk about the actual breakup (I covered that in a separate post).
They've done great! They're still not back up to the top again yet...but lets face it. They've branched. Something they'd never have been able to do in SM. Junsu's got his musicals and solo stuff, Yuchun's got his dramas, Jaejoong's got his new album. They're multi-talented and they're doing all of this with lawsuits flying at them left-right-and-centre.
Personally, I think that's pretty impressive. Maybe I'm more than a little biased here. But when I see JYJ now, I feel sorry for HoMin. Both of them left in SM, having to follow through with the same schedule they've been suffering with for over 10 years now. It's not great...but well done to JYJ for getting out when they did! 

We all know who's last! I still can't believe I've been in the same room as him xD But hey, Choi Seung Hyun. TOP. You're great. I'm not talking about his rapping. His acting. His modelling. I'm talking about his weight loss. I feel like this sometimes gets the wrong reception. His weight loss is impressive. Not enough people acknowledge that. I'm just going to show you a picture of before and after...

How can you say he's not perfect? Anyone who looks at him now and tells me that his face isn't perfection is just lying to themselves xD Realistically, looking at his before and after, not that much has changed other than his weight. He's still got a way to go regarding his confidence in my opinion, but he's a work in progress!
He looks great now and if only he'd speak more rather than sitting and letting his other members do the talking for him, he'd be even better. But I'm happy with a beautiful quiet Seunghyun for now I guess. 
Well done Choi SeungHyun / TOP!

Those are my four then! I was originally going to include SHINee Taemin's transformation into a man..but he's being pretty overrated in my opinion at the moment... and I couldn't face the predebut face again xD SHINee was one of the first groups I seriously followed since before official debut~ and Taemin's transformation recently has been pretty impressive...but I felt these 4 needed more recognition than him!
Who are you impressed with? Do you agree or disagree with me? What's your opinion on these four individuals/groups?