The Face Shop - Design My Eyebrow in #04 Brown

First thing's first, I want to say a quick apology to you guys! I thought I could handle school and blogging throughout the week. Turns out I can't. So for next week I'm going to just schedule the posts on the weekend and that makes more sense than trying to stay up at 2am on a school night! Well, now we've sorted that out...Let's move onto today's review! I haven't reviewed anything in awhile, so here it is!

I totally blame Junjun entirely for this purchase as well...I bought this pencil straight after reading her review of it. I did need an eyebrow pencil, I'll admit that...but yeah, check out her review of it here as well! She's got the Dark Grey tone and the packaging is slightly different for the different shades as well!

I received a ton of parcels over the last couple of weeks - all pretty small ones - so it took me forever to find the right picture of a cardboard box for you! I ordered from HKC - Heir of Korean Culture (an eBay seller) - again after I ordered my Face Shop Masks from them and it came relatively quickly! I paid £4.50 for this product...

I ordered #04 브라운 (Brown) which was the lightest colour! At first I wasn't sure of this..I knew it was going to be really light...but so is my hair! So it was fine!

I'm not going to lie to you all...this is the main reason why I ordered this one! Look at the moustache! I don't really know why it's there...but I don't really care either. I've been needing an eyebrow pencil for a while because I've been using powders until now and I don't really like it. Powder isn't portable, it harder to use and is just messy xD 
This one has pretty packaging which also seems pretty safe and sturdy and is compact!

Let's just take a minute to appreciate thoughtful Korean brands and their spooly brushes. I don't think all brands sell a brush with the pencil but I'd only buy an eyebrow pencil with a spooly on. What's the point of having to carry both separately after all? It's even got the word "BRUSH"...letting you know what it is ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

As you can see, this pencil is angled. In the perfect way that it sits correctly against your face. This makes it easier to use and the lines it creates are far more natural. The only eyebrow pencils I've ever used before were for dance performances and those definitely didn't create natural lines! 
This one was so natural that I managed to get a perfectly filled in brow right from my first noob usage!

It's very buildable...but as you can see it's very light! Unless you have light brown or blonde hair - or want really light eyebrows - stay away from this shade! The top (lighter) swatch is with one stroke and the bottom one is after I built it up a little. As you can see, the top one looks more natural, but the bottom one looks firmer and gives some colour. It's warm toned so it won't wash your base makeup out and helps to give a natural "pop of colour"!
This makes this pencil pretty versatile! It can be used as a natural day brow or a more dramatic night look depending on how much you build up the product!

I'm definitely giving this product a 5 out of 5 and it's become my staple brow product now. Especially because of how cheap it is (stingy student right here....) 
*so thanks as well Junjun for recommending it!*

Have a great day everyone and I'll see you on Wednesday for a peek into my physio treatments!