Mention Mondays!

Mention Monday's will be a slot on the first Monday of every month, in which I'll introduce you all to five people who I don't think you've heard about yet...but should definitely check out! I'll also include links to their sites underneath each section~!

1. Taka-chan/Takatsu

So if you guys haven't read his novel or listened to his EP, what rock have you actually been hiding under? You can read the novel on textnovel here! I don't really have much to say here honestly... It's sort of self-explanatory why he's in my first mention Mondays. The guy is great~ That's all there is to it. He's multi-talented... and spams my inbox. Therefore, you should all check him out! ㅎㅎ His EP is called Aozora (which means Blue Skies) I would go through what all of the songs on it are about...but that's effort! If you all want me to review his album though, I'll do it xD But otherwise, you can all check it out yourselves here.

2. Mico Cooper
I do feel slightly that I'm just going through all of my friends here... But hey! Mico's great. In short, she's a dancing lolita. She dances to J-pop, she likes anime...but most importantly...she likes Boyfriend ㅋㅋ She's the same age as me~ and you all should definitely check her out because she's really sweet and a great dancer! If you like dance covers, then you're going to like Mico. (Also, she has a nice living room... xD)

3. Ladies Code
I mentioned these guys before...Part of me still doesn't believe they're rookies! I'm going to talk about them more in my favourites. But here's some links to get you started. You can also watch them on music programs and everywhere! They're great though and I think they might quickly become my new favourite girl group.
They're pretty, they're awesome singers and they can dance. What more does a person need?

4. The Perfect 10 with Rowan, Karl and Jay
I'm only including this guys because I'm being forced. I'd just like to clarify that before you all check them out. Basically, here's what it is. Guys + microphones = podcast. The special thing about them? ...They go to school with me. xD I'm joking~ I think~ I'm going to try not to compliment them too much because Jay will take it too seriously and think that he's actually funny. But you should all just give the podcast a chance :) If you like it, then click the big subscribe button. Simple. And if you like it enough, then maybe I'll go on it. That is all. Click the RSS button below to view them on iTunes!

5. Kpop Explorer
I was deciding this one for ages. Who did I want to share with you guys that I think would be useful? Well what's better than somewhere where you can get music? This site uploads full albums, music shows and everything in pretty good quality. They're awesome. And free. The only annoying thing is the pop-ups...but I can live with that! I don't really need to say anything else about them other than go for it! ( go and support the artists~ all that stuff~ but come on. We all know it's sometimes hard to get your hands on albums!)

Well that's all I suppose for the first Mention Monday's I hope you all enjoyed it! And I'll see you all for my March favourites in a couple of days! 
Have a great day everyone and Happy Easter! <3