March Favourites!

March is supposed to be the start of the spring months in England. I was meant to have my spring dresses and skirts out this month... I wore a skirt once. It's been snowing this year for the month of March. I suppose that must be the effect of all of this global warming and everything now... Well I'm not complaining because I managed to get some good snow pictures to share with you all!
Also, if a favourite hasn't changed from the last month, I won't mention it again (Tony Moly and UNIQLO are still my favourites...) and I'm keeping up with this font just for the favourites posts!
So without any more delaying, here's my favourites of March! If you didn't check out the February one, my favourites have music, television and idols as well as the usual skincare and clothing ones!


I just recently bought a few things from this is my favourite this month! It's a lip balm with SPF15. Because the weather has been so cold recently, this has been constantly on hand! The SPF also helps because it's also been pretty it makes me feel better knowing that my lips are properly protected!
I also like how this is in a tube and not a tub. It's just more hygienic! Then I don't actually have to touch the product and get it everywhere.


This month is my trusty Innisfree mascara! This is the Eco Curling Mascara. I can totally tell this is my favourite because I'm nearly finished now...I've only just bought this... I've never finished a mascara so quickly! I guess that shows how great it is~ I'm constantly using this!


This was the hardest one for me! In the end I chose the UNIQLO leggings I bought a couple of months ago. When I first bought them I wasn't sure how much I'd like them...they are really bright~ At first I thought I'd just wear them with a plain top in a sort of monochrome colour... But now I'm wearing it with orange and red and lots of colours~
I think perhaps too much colour if anything~ but hey! I like them!
The outfit I shared with you here is one I tried whilst it was snowing... the top is thermal so it was more practical than anything really! Normally when I tuck in a top though, I make it high-waisted. This time I tried out one with the sort of proportions that Nine Muses wore during Dolls. I'm not sure how it turned out honestly. I do prefer the orange compared to the brown, but this outfit was a nice change for me!


I've actually picking a rookie group this month! This is Ladies Code! They just recently debuted with 나쁜여자, which means Bad Girl. Kate and I were debating about these for a while. Although lots of groups have a song called "Bad Girl" (FT Island, Beast, SNSD etc...) This one is definitely up there!
Well done Ladies Code! Let's hope they do well! I hope they get to the same sort of level as BAP is at now~ The rookies these days are amazing~!

This one was interesting... I've gone for Teen Top's new full length album No. 1. I've never liked Teen Top that much honestly. (As you can tell because I don't know all of the members names!) But this album and particularly 긴 생머리 그녀 and 니가 아니라서 (aaaahh~ stupid long names...)
Wow. This album makes me happy. With the exception perhaps with the intro...but I never really like the intro tracks! -_-
Well done Teen Top! You're finally up there~


Isn't Eric Nam great? I was almost on the Eric Nam bandwagon the second Heaven's Door came out...but I was definitely in after his interview with Simon and Martina of Eat Your Kimchi.
This song is in the music video category and not the song one because the video just takes the song to a whole new level. I love the concept of this song and it's just pretty. I especially love the kakao parts~ I just think it's clever (add me on Kakaotalk as well ;D I'm sakurapikuseru)
I must have watched this like 50 times...


I suppose this one has to go to 1:43's Yuki Sakamoto. Yeah. You were expecting a Korean idol weren't you? Nope! Yuki is a Filipino idol and is half-Japanese. He's my favourite member of the group and he just recently followed me on Twitter.
I have to admit to sending him some strange tweets...but he's really nice and always replies and favourites every time. Including ones for my birthday and he also my back-up which we got married xD
Their most famous song is "Sa Isang Sulyap Mo" and it's also my favourite one!
Yuki's real name is Takayuki if anyone cares as well.
If you like, you can check him out! Here's his twitter.


Without a doubt...Dr. Jin!
I was put off on the first episode by this by the lack of Jaejoong~ however it does pick up and he's in it a lot more! The only thing that creeps me out is the amount of blood and stuff~ but I suppose it's partially a medical drama. There's just the right amount of romance in it. Enough to make it interesting without it becoming just another romantic comedy. I'm not even bothered about the lack of Jaejoong in places any more because SeungHun is pretty too!
I haven't finished it yet. But thanks to the addition of DramaFever in the UK, I can now watch full episodes~ somehow that makes it so much easier and quicker to watch dramas! I'm now getting into the habit of watching an episode before bed~ if I do this consistently, I guess I can finish a drama each month without it getting to much in the way of daily life!
(I can't pull an all-nighter like some drama fans, I don't even know how you all can watch so many episodes in one day! :O)

The only thing that's putting me off now is the reviews...they're not great :/ Vampire Prosecutor is still my favourite drama, but I don't know...the reviews on mydramalist are just crazy low...


My movie recommendation of the month goes to...
Confession Of Pain. It was released at the end of 2006 in Hong Kong. Starring Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro (both star in my favourite movie - Red Cliff) that alone was enough to make me watch it.
I think it was honestly their acting that made me love this, films with Tony Leung never fail to amaze me. And I suspect April will also have a Tony Leung film. I do watch lots of films though guys. This was just my favourite one this month!