Recent Purchases, Sponsors and Gifts...

Just because I haven't posted all week and I have got a lot more products recently...I thought I'd share with you everything I've bought recently. I've had a lot of little purchases, not all of these I'm planning on reviewing, so if you'd like to see a review of one of the products please let me know!

Pore Brush [SPONSORED] This will be featured in a mini-series soon!
My first ever MyBeautyDiary Masks from my buddy :')
The Face Shop Blackhead Nose Patches! I've only used one so far...
Some Collagen Eye Masks from PureDerm!
Tony Moly's Full Size Tony Tint. I reviewed the sample tint here.
The Face Shop Design My Eyebrow in #4 Brown, this review will be up
on Monday!
Garnier's Moisture Match [SAMPLES] I haven't tried these yet...
I had to buy this cream to replace the avon one I had just started..
I got a rash and broke-out from the avon one...-_-
I have a few other purchases, things still waiting to arrive and also things I've ordered but want to keep a surprise for now...but these are some of the main things I've received recently. was my first sponsored product, but I haven't used it enough just yet to use it! A couple of reviews for some of these products will be up over the next couple of weeks after I've used them more, if there's one you'd like to see first then let me know so I can bump it up to the top of my list!

Have a nice day everyone and I'll see you on Monday for a review of The Face Shop's Design My Eyebrow Pencil!