3W Clinic 100% Cotton Fresh Lemon Mask Sheet

I finally braved it enough to try another Lemon Sheet Mask. My last experience with The Face Shop Lemon mask left me pretty scared...and I didn't want to try another one again. But it's summer and I wanted something whitening. And what's more whitening than a lemon? 
So I went for it!

Just sharing the packaging...even though it's in Korean
This pack is from 3W Clinic. (Is it just me wanting to call them Samsung ones because of the Samsung logo at the top?) I've never used anything by them before...and probably wouldn't have even acknowledged them because they're not a popular brand...but actually I definitely prefer this mask to The Face Shop one!

I forgot to get a picture of the mask with my camera...
but luckily I took one on my phone!


Definitely repurchasing! The fit isn't too bad, it's pretty whitening and it didn't break me out like the last one. Just make sure when using lemon masks - or any sheet mask - that you aren't sunburnt or have any cuts along your face because they will become irritated!

Rating: 5/5

After the mask! Everything seems pretty even (other
than my spot on my head...xD)