What's In My Travel Bag?

As promised! Here's the pre-lim version of my travel bag for this year! I've used the basics from my birthday trip as the basis for this bag but just added more. I haven't yet put in any sheet masks - I'll probably just choose one to take, if I get burnt I can't use any so I don't want to overload myself! And this bag doesn't contain makeup, just skincare products so far!
But let's take a look inside before I go away on Saturday!

Here's what it looks like when it's opened...sorry I have no organisation to this sort of thing. I've started to just unpack all of my products when I arrive now because I do use a lot...so I can't be searching around in my bag for products! The bag is by Ted Baker and I bought it a couple of years back now... I've got so many travel bags now but I gravitate back towards this one because of the shape of it! It's just more sturdy than some of the thinner ones and it has a pretty good zip as well.

And here's everything that's inside at the moment. I don't live near a beach and for our summer family holiday we usually have to go to the beach as compromise for my forest trips and spa weekends...I personally can't stand sand...but I have to work with it! So everything I'm taking revolves around being outside all day and being covered in sand and sea water!

I love trying out samples when I'm away...because it's fun. Usually I'll take samples I've used before as well. Here I'm taking two Planet Spa masks (Rice & Sake and Clay) some SkinFood products (I love the Royal Honey Cream and the Multi Gel! - I've only used the Broccoli Whitening Ampoule once when I was away last time, but it worked really well then. I wanted to take it this time because all the SkinFood products are cooling.
I'm finally going to try one of Garnier's samples they sent me back at the start of this year...or last year :/ I did the whole of the 7 day challenge with the last ones they sent...but I still haven't tried out this line! So I've taken the dull skin one to work with the whitening ampoule.
And then finally two BB cream samples in case I feel like trying something new! I've never used any BB cream samples before...and I've got a stack of them just sitting around so I thought I'd put them to good use. These two (Missha and Etude House) have the highest SPF and PA ratings so I thought they'd be working well for this trip.

My travel sized products. I promise that I didn't have a colour scheme going on here! I've got so many travel sized products..but I've never tried these ones before so these are venturing out for this trip. The Planet Spa one is foot and elbow cream because those are my dry areas so this cream comes on every trip with me. There's also a lip balm there. I stock up on lip balms for each bag when I'm going to the beach!

Just two of the cleansers I'm taking...I had to restrain myself. I wanted to take a cream type, oil type and a couple of foaming ones...but that's just not very practical! So I've got this Johnson's one I've been testing for when I come off the beach and need to cool down my face and sort out my oil control.
The Etude House one goes everywhere with me so that was definitely coming. I love products with collagen because I find if I stop using this cleanser then my face puffs slightly. It's not much but it makes a difference in photos and everything!
I'll also be taking some makeup wipes with me..but I haven't bought another set yet. I'll update later when I know which ones I've got to take!

The Liz Earle types I'm taking! Rather than taking my full size toners and moisturisers, when I'm away I use these travel size ones from Liz Earle that I've been collecting...I seem to have a ton of these travel sized ones...I just refill the toner with the full size one when I finish this one and throw away the moisturiser at the end of the trip - it usually lasts just enough for the trip.
Then I've got some sample sized after sun by Liz Earle. This one just stays in the bag and I mainly just use this one for my face as my mum brings a full size version with her.
And as I've said millions of times. I can't go anywhere without my magic cream! Sudocrem is my go to for everything. From a mask, to spot cream and burn/bite cream it's great for everything in the world. So all five members of my family have now been forced to take this with each of us...because they're great!

And finally just some other products. A pumice stone because the beach hates my feet so I have to then use this every other day on the beach and then moisturise like crazy with the foot cream. And my razor (which I may be doing a review on after I get home!) 

That's everything! I'm not sure whether this is going to be a lot or not to everyone...but for me this is about average for my skincare products. My skincare range when I'm away doesn't really change, more my hair and makeup sets do depending on where we're going. This year we're just spending a week actually on the beach so not much in towns or cities so I won't be needing my curlers or straighteners! And I probably won't take much colour makeup honestly either! 

Have a great day everyone and welcome to all you new readers! Thanks for helping me reach 100 followers on GFC this weekend! I received so many new faces so quickly that I didn't even consider a giveaway yet! So watch this space and I may host one later maybe once Bloglovin' followers reaches a number...