Post-results // Pre-holiday

This is a quick update/informational post. So there'll be no pictures in this one I'm afraid!

First of all, let's go to results day. The most awful and stressful day of my life. Everything went exactly how I wanted...yet somehow I'm still left feeling awful. Yesterday (well two days ago for when you're reading this) was results day and I went into school after waking up at about 8am-ish...turned on the tv (first mistake) and saw other people with all of their results. People sitting up logging into UCAS...

Honestly I was fine until I had to open the envelope! I opened the seal and then threw the paper at my mum without reading it. I'm so glad she looked at it first though! My results are never all of one thing. I always have a pretty big mixture of results and last year I had A's and U's at the same time. Although this year I didn't have the same variation of grades, I still failed one module and received almost full marks in the other. That's probably why I'm always calm on results days because I'm neither happy or sad!

Basically, getting to the end of it all. I'm now a university student! I'm off to the University of Nottingham to study Philosophy. That's probably an odd choice for me right? I still can't justify why I picked Philosophy! I just like it guys okay. I start in 5 weeks, so I'm off on holiday when you read this and when I get back I'll have a month. Life should get a little more interesting then hopefully! I don't know whether I'll end up doing more or less posts than I do now. I want to try and set myself a proper schedule and share everything with you guys~

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with how Thursday went down. It was all a little hectic...and unfortunately you also may have seen "Pub Katie" that day as well. I won't say I'm drunk Katie...but yep I hope you all enjoyed those tweets!

I'm going to be honest with you guys though. I'm completely unprepared for this and hopefully this week away from everything should help me get my head straight and figure out everything that's going on. Some of my friends I've known for my whole life. I've had the same room for 12 years...and now it's all going to change within the space of a month. But I'll actually go for 31 weeks, that leaves 21 weeks back at home so I'm not actually moving out. My room is going to stay exactly how it is right now...bed made and all (does that just creep me out? xD)

And now I'm writing this at 9pm the night before I travel and you should be reading this when I'm halfway there.

If you haven't been keeping up to date, I'm off down to Devon today for the week to go and sit on some beaches (and take some great photos ngl). After this post I'll schedule some more for you throughout the week so you don't miss me too much ;D
But the point of this post is actually to also let you know that although I won't be blogging - I'm not taking my laptop - I'll still be active on all the SNS.

Don't worry! I'll still have my phone and tablet and I've got WiFi connection even if my phone signal is never great out there!
So I just quickly wanted to share all of my contact details with you all here.
Just click on the icons to go to my profiles and follow/friend me!

And of course if you didn't know, my KakaoTalk and Line ID is "milkeipure" and my Snapchat ID is also "milkeipure" so feel free to add me on any or all of the three of them!

I'm going to sign off now with a picture of my buddies who also got into University!

Have a great day guys and I hope all of you who also received your results got everything you wanted! And if anyone lives or is going to be living up Nottingham way then feel free to drop me a message!