The Famous Collection Concealer

So apparently everyone in the UK uses this concealer if you believe the scale of the hype YouTube creates around this product. When I finally needed a new concealer after my Innisfree one ran out, I went to check out this!


We all know how pale I am. Most brands of British products don't acknowledge my skin colour...but to be fair to Collection, when I bought this I tried concealers from all of the top brands in the UK and they all came out orange other than this one!


What's the point of a concealer? To conceal of course! Now thanks to my Cleansing routine (Click on the Ulzzang Skincare Tab at the top to follow my routine with me) I don't have many pimples or spots so I couldn't test how good it was at concealing them...but what I can test with is dark circles and blue veins! 

Honestly I think it rates pretty well on this front for the price. Considering I'm not using a foundation before or afterwards, the coverage on this alone is better than most of the other concealers I've tried. I prefer the convenience of a stick but the liquid type is easier to blend...


Sucks. Full Stop. A day after I bought it all of the writing on the sides of the packaging rubbed off, luckily I was so paranoid about spilling it in my makeup bag that I had it in a plastic bag...but then black ink was left everywhere. The packaging just seems badly designed. It doesn't feel cheap or anything, just bad.


My issues with concealers seem to be that they're all either orange or white. The either reflect everything and then you need to apply it everywhere to avoid white patches...or they're orange and don't blend well.
This one is on the whiter side, which if I had to pick a side I'd pick that one! 


Honestly? Not right now. I want to try some more~ Specifically Etude House. But given the fact that it's only around £4 I might have this as an emergency concealer. There's nothing bad about it honestly. But nothing special that's drawing me to repurchase when this runs out!

Rating: 4/5