Nature Republic Blackhead Brake Clear Charcoal Nose Pack

I haven't reviewed a nose patch for you for a while! Last up I did Liole and The Face Shop and before that I did Nesura! Now we're off to Nature Republic. This also marks the first ever Nature Republic product I've tried!

I was going to put this patch on my nose like my usual ones...but then I realised...I'm not restricted to anything right? Well Instead I decided to put it on my chin. I've only tried on chin patch before (from Etude House) and that was pretty good so this has a lot to compete with.

Ingredients in English and's all common sense really. Just make sure you've got a clean face and then stick the patch over the area. Once it dries out then remove it and wash your face. Done!


This one is hard. There's honestly nothing wrong with this patch. But notice the darker colours? That's when the patch literally disintegrated from wetting my face before using it. I've done the same to all the other charcoal patches I've tried and that's never happened before. But that's a very minor thing! Overall I do really like this patch. Not enough to repurchase because I'd rather stick to Liole or The Face Shop as the fitting of those was better for my face. But perhaps as more of a forehead or chin patch!
Also, I received this as a free sample with an order anyway so considering it was free...I'm impressed! ;)

Rating: 4.5/5

Have a great day everyone and...

What's your favourite brand of Charcoal/Blackhead Patch?