What's in my clutch?

I'm honestly not sure about how many more times I'll be about to downsize my bags. But here is a peek inside my latest daily bag...which isn't even a bag at all. It's a clutch. 
This bag is from Red Herring and I was actually originally going to purchase the red version...but in real life it looked nothing like the colour of the bag on the website and promotional pictures! So instead I bought the mint version. Mint is one of my favourite colours so having a mint bag is a nice change to my ton of orange ones that I've been buying recently!

So without further ado, let's just go and take a look inside my bag!

The Contents

  1. Mirror - I love this mirror, it's so small and handy...some of the mirror's I've bought are so bulky and I just never use them in my bags because they're too big...the only thing I worry about is my keys scratching the surface of the mirror! But it matches my keyring so life is great.
  2. Glasses Case - Like my mirror, this is also from Cath Kidston. I've had this case for years and I actually think they may have stopped making this pattern now...This case either holds my actual eyeglasses (yep I wear glasses...) or my Choies sunglasses. It just depends on what I'm doing and where I'm going ;)
  3. Wallet - This one is actually from Accessorize and I had to stop using my other one because it was too wide to fit in my clutch. This one is really thin and I won't show you inside my wallet because I'm actually pretty organised when it comes to wallets. Everything is all in the right place and I don't have any receipts in there...
  4. Puff and Tissues - When do you not need these? Rather than using oil blotting sheets...I've received so many of these Tony Moly puffs recently that these go in all of my bags. I can then just put in whatever powder I like and not worry about needing brushes or anything. Or just use the puff to blot oil. But I have to remember to wash it after every couple of uses to keep it clean!
  5. Hand Sanitiser - This one is the Cherry Blossom scent from Bath & Body Works. I usually just use whatever I've got on hand...and I actually have a whole section of the bathroom dedicated to backups for when they run out.
  6. iPod - With my Rilakkuma case. It looks great doesn't it? xD This is the newest generation of iPod nano. I finally let my 2nd Gen go after I saw this one! I can't stand all of the huge iPod Touches and Classics. I'm a Nano person. This one is in green. Not that it matters because it's got the case!
  7. Lip Balm - I'm a picky lip balm person. This is Etude House's SHINI STAR lip balm and I have the colour by Jonghyun. This was actually the first Korean product I bought and I'm constantly trying to use it up to get another SHINee member's colour....but then I can't decide who I want! I want them all but I need to pace myself with them otherwise I won't use any of them! ...But then I also have to buy them all so they don't all sell out! #kpopfangirlproblems xDD
  8. Phone - This is obviously a necessity. I didn't intend for my case to match my bag...it just happened xD But I've now got the Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini. So glad I bought the Mini version now, not only because I received a tablet with it...but also because the regular size probably wouldn't have fitted in my bag that well and yeah. This is my phone. If you want to see what's on my phone then I recently posted a "What's On My Galaxy Phone?"
  9. Keys - I couldn't get anywhere without these. On my keyring is my house keys and my bike key. The key cover  is from Artbox and the keyring is from Cath Kidston...and eum my bike lock is by....Center Parcs xD

Here's a full view of my bag! There's surprisingly a lot of space in this!

Here's the main compartment section. There's the small privacy zip at the bag and then the phone pocket at the front...my phone doesn't fit in there with the case on though so my tissues go in there!

And the front pocket which holds my keys, mirror and all of my lip balm stuff. Sometimes I'll bring a small makeup bag out with me but I usually don't wear much colour makeup other than lip tints...and they last all day anyway!

It also came with a strap in case I need my hands free. I tend to not use this but I keep it in the privacy zip at the back of the bag so it's on hand in case I do actually need it.

If you've got time then go ahead and do a What's In My Bag post! If you've already done any "What's in my..." posts then feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I'll check out all of them because I'm nosey!

What are some of the essentials in your bag you can't leave the house without? 

Have a great day and stay milky!