Summer Essentials - 2013 vers.

Rather than doing a monthly favourites for the months of July/August I decided to do a summer favourites post. Both these months are pretty hectic in my calendar and although I've been trying so many new products, I've not been using them long enough to make any judgements. Makeup wise, I don't wear much during the summer and clothes wise...I'm not wearing too many clothes xD I've been backwards and forwards between events so I've been wearing formal clothes instead most of the time honestly!
But here's my summer essentials for the year 2013!


This year I've been loving bows. As with last year as well. I've been preferring bigger ones though to keep my bangs area out of my face rather than put all my hair up. I've gathered a few of my favourite pieces here from my collection that are my favourites! Most of them are from Accessorize honestly!


Forget correct footwear. When I don't have to be in heels...I just want to be in sandals and flip flops. Here's three pairs I love. Left ones I wear to-and-from karate, middle ones are just for errand running because they're so comfortable! And the last pair are for the spa/swimming because they dry the quickest!


Obviously light and comfortable and all that usual nonsense. But I have one piece I've been loving this summer. This jacket is from H&M and I love it because I can't stand my arms. I want to keep my shoulders and arms covered as much as possible honestly and this is so thin but still covers anything. Completely useless at keeping me warm but is great as a quick throw on or to "fold" (more like squish into a ball) into my bag for the evening when it gets cooler.


If you're like me and have open feet on a daily basis or do any sport that requires no footwear, you'll understand the importance of nail varnish! I sat staring at my collection and I've figured out that these 5 are my top worn for this year.
Topshop's Carnival and Venus Fly Trap, Avon's Sea Breeze, Ruby & Millie's Pink 44OC and No7's Golden Pearl. 
I don't think I've ever left the house without nail varnish...and I don't intend to anytime soon!


Face it. It's hot. You want to smell nice right? Probably a good idea to carry a travalo or something similar. These things are tiny and you can even just fit it in your pocket! Or carry a sample perfume or body spray. I know some people do just carry small deodorants and I used to do that - I used to have a ton of tiny sprays! Blame people who give out samples in malls....
But now I just carry these! I don't use it constantly...and according to Get It Beauty (Popular Korean TV Program) if you want to wear scent, you should spray only a minimal amount and on the back of your neck. If you use a scented shampoo as well, that can make up for perfume so you don't need to wear both otherwise it might be overwhelming!


This is the reason - other than bloglovin' and youtube! - that I love tablets. I used to read all my magazines on my iPod Touch...but honestly the screen is just too small! With this I can have all of my favourite magazines. From Korean to Chinese to Australian...American and of course all my favourite British ones! Everything is all stored together! I have some that are years old on here...and I don't have to worry about pages ripping or ink running this way. Of course I have to worry about battery running out and water getting into the system or sand...but that's nothing that a charger and a good case/dust cover for the earphone jack can't solve! 

One of my favourites is CeCi! I also love looking at Elle Girl Korea and the occasional Chinese makeup tutorial booklet is great as well. Of course I haven't learnt Mandarin overnight...but the diagrams all you really need honestly! I love using Zinio to get the majority of my magazines and their catalogue is huge but when there's gaps I just download the scans and put them in my gallery.

And of course actual reading as well! This is through the Play Books app and it's a short story called "Don't Marry Barry" by Julia Williams from a collection called "The Perfect Escape". I love short stories at the moment and honestly this isn't my usual genre. I usually stick to my Poirot's and Miss Marple's...Agatha Christie really is where my heart lies...but I thought I should branch out a little! So although I have almost everything written by Agatha Christie stored away on here...I'm trying out some other things! 
(If anyone is reading anything great at the moment as well, please share! I'm looking for new books all the time and I'm so glad now that I don't have to sit searching through the library or amazon for books...I can just download everything! XD)

So that's all of my essentials for the year! Of course I have some music essentials...and there's been so many releases this year. EXO have finally grown on me with the release of "Growl" and my baby Junsu (the 9 year age gap is irrelevant...) has released a new album which is perfect. 2NE1 have already had two of their newest tracks out, as have BAP recently. And of course some classics like DBSK and old SNSD tracks still stand in my summer collection.
I'll be making a full holiday playlist hopefully sometime later and I'll update with that.

Have a great day everyone, enjoy the summer and stay safe!!