Book Haul!

So on Friday I went to the library...I was originally looking for the books that myau-club bought the other day and one by Kazuo Ishiguro that I partially read last time I was at Center Parcs and then forgot about!
I couldn't find them...yet I did finally manage to get hold of The Uninvited by Geling Yan which I also started at Center Parcs one time and  then never finished it~ So now I can finally finish! I also seemed to go around and pick up every Chinese and Japanese written book...but I managed to shorten it down to just these four and two manga because I haven't read any in forever!
I got Death of a Red Heroine by Qiu Xiaolong which is set in Shanghai in 1990 and I saw this because other than Asian literature, my second favourite is crime...So I think this will be my favourite of the four!
I also managed to find something by Kazuo Ishiguro - I was originally looking for An Artist of the Floating World, but someone else had it out - so I got The Remains of the Day instead...Ishiguro is a British-Japanese guy and I like him so it was nice finding something in the library because usually his stuff is pretty popular so it's hard to get it!
And finally I got February Flowers by Fan Wu...I genuinely just picked this up because the cover was pretty! So I'm not sure how this will turn out...hopefully it'll be good!
For the manga, I just got the first Crown of Love and Neko Ramen...just because it's fun! Maybe it'll motivate me to draw again? Probably not though! Ah well!
Here's a picture of all the books I got, any recommendations for what I should read next? 
Have a nice day guys! School again soon, so hwaiting! :3