Yay! No more physio!

*well until I hurt myself next time anyway!*
I've finally got over my back injury from karate in March and it feels great. It's been getting there for a while, but I just wanted to write this to say "take that doctors!" as much as I love my doctor, I had to deal with him stuffing as many pain-killers and stuff down my throat for a couple of months before I just gave up and went to the physio instead...best decision of my life. After an hour of it...it was great :)
So this is just a little message to you all...if you ever hurt yourselves, get physio. Don't drug yourself up. Physio, yoga and acupuncture is the way to go!
Thanks to my physio man and still thanks to my doctor because I love him! <3 Here's my commemoration photo that I took once I left the clinic today! The red patches are where I had the electric shock thing...yeah I don't know how to describe it...! I have these circles going down my spine and along my shoulders! Normally these don't fade for a couple of days, but I only have them on my lower back normally! Today I had extra ones done...so I'll have fun in school tomorrow then! Have a nice day guys and don't injure yourselves! <3