Garnier's BB Cream

So as you probably remember, ages ago I tried out the original samples for Garnier's BB Cream and this was from the initial testing, then when they finished it and got promoting it everywhere, I decided to go out and buy myself the finished product. I have mixed opinions of B.B. Creams...Korean versions? Yes. Chinese versions? Occasionally. English versions? Barely ever. I've tried out lots of British 'BB Creams' and the majority are honestly just repackaged foundations. I turned to BB originally due to skin whitening, my body was whitening due to the treatments I was putting on it and therefore British makeup was far too dark and heavy for my new skin tone *which you can view here in part 3 of my skin whitening post*. When Garnier announced this BB, I thought all of my base problems would be solved...turned out they weren't. I've nearly finished my bottle of this BB now...although admittedly the cream is better than foundations, it's like a crazy hybrid... Honestly, I haven't tried many BB Creams, so I have little to compare this to. It's not great though...
 So the actual name of this "BB" - I'm still reluctant to call it that - is Miracle Skin Perfector...there's so little coverage however that I don't feel like it lives up to that...It also claims to be "all-in-one" I'm not sure what the all is...but it certainly isn't BB

 Is so orange! And this is my biggest problem with it.I wouldn't be bothered about it being more of a foundation if it was the right colour, but the reason I left foundations and "mainstream" British makeup was due to the colour. With Garnier's, there's only two skin tones - light and medium - now the other products in the Garnier range I own are the colour "very light", so what happened to that tone when making this cream? Did they just assume that none of us would use it? *slightly lazy there Garnier*

 It smells of nothing so I can't really comment on does smell a little like paint though, not going to lie...which is slightly worrying, I don't want to be literally painting my face daily.

It is the first BB Cream in Britain at the end of the day, it gave way to the new ones and I think eventually Britain will catch-up with Europe and Asia and develop some good ones, I doubt however they'll develop ones for lighter tones due to Britain being pretty much completely against skin whitening/brightening/bleaching. (Which could also be why Garnier's BB, although it contains's only 15 - what does SPF 15 do?? Nothing.)
Just to show you the colour of the BB...fancy looking like
you just came out of TOWIE using this "BB Cream"?