Katie on... The Hallyu Wave

Some of the key idols (if you'd like the name of anyone in this picture then
just ask because it's effort to write them all down :L)
Between the elitist k-pop fans and the old school ones - aren't they usually the same thing though? - there's been lots of discussion...about the Hallyu wave...Which is always great until it comes to your country. This is just a rundown of my opinion, what's been going on and maybe you'll even get yourself a definition of Hallyu considering some of you may not actually be k-pop fans!
First thing's first, Hallyu. The Hallyu wave is also known as the Korean wave...I think the word Hallyu comes from some Beijing journalists but don't go quoting me on this because...well it might not be true! But it's not from Koreans I don't think...

It pretty much just refers to the amazing spread of Korean stuff around the world which is like a massive wave. By Korean stuff? It usually means music, dramas and movies...although I guess you can include fashion and stuff like Ulzzang in there as well! So like pop culture stuff...?
Japan don't seem to like it that much really at the moment because they're now not making any decent music because they spent too long distracted by school girls who sing and dance and now the Koreans are making all their music for them and they're even writing them in Japanese! Ahh! How nice?

The main countries involved other than South Korea obviously are China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, North Korea (ikr? Something foreign in N. Korea? What is the world coming to?), some countries in the Middle East and America and now Europe as well...here in England we seem a little slow to get it started.

Even though SNSD (Also known as Girls' Generation in English speaking countries, 소녀시대 in Korean ones and 少女時代 in Japan) were the first ones to go and perform in America as a group - which you can watch here - JYP's Wonder Girls and YG's Big Bang and 2NE1 seem to get more attention to be honest. BoA has already 'established' herself in America - but whilst I say established...you speak to most typical Americans and they won't have a clue who she is really...Sorry BoA unni, I love you and all but your American debut didn't really take off that well!

The Wonder Girls have their American movie on TeenNick, which still hasn't been aired in England yet as far as I'm aware, and you can watch the trailer for it here. I have actually seen this film though with Imaarocus...he loved it...although he IS 8 and if it's Korean then he automatically loves it anyway so I don't think he's the best critic for the film, you'll just have to watch it yourself to be honest.

My point being...although SHINee came over last year - which I missed *forever crying now* - and so did CUBE - which I didn't go to simply because Hyuna will be there, so I decided to miss out on seeing YoSeob and a potential meeting with the amazing Gina Choi because of HyunAh...thanks for that! - and now Will.i.am and Jeremy Scott are both obsessing over 2NE1 *they're mine bitches, back off ;D* and Big Bang are winning European awards everywhere...and yet even with all these awards and promos, Hallyu hasn't really taken off in England yet.
Although I'm kind of against Hallyu wave in the UK, I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself because you've all got access to Korean goodies and I have to either walk into HMV and pay a stupid price for an album with the beautiful Kim HyunJoong's face on it...or ship it in from Korea for another stupid price and wait like a month for it to get here anyway....xD (okay, now I'm just complaining).

I am actually partially glad that K-pop, K-dramas and K-movies haven't taken off to the same extent as they have in other countries? Why? Because of stupid fangirls who are like 13 and love everything they see and will ruin my poor Taemin and TOP and turn them into...well like One Direction and stuff :L and that would suck.
I think I'm just happy being an elitist for now...and if I want stuff I'll just have to jump on the next flight to South Korea and go and get it myself.

And this is coming from a K-pop fan who's been around since...2006/7 I've now calculated roughly...that's not including my love for TVXQ/DBSK/THSK/and-whatever-else-they're-now-known-by-in-other-countries because I've loved them since Jaejoong was born *even though he's 10 years older than me*

I think this post has turned into a semi-spaz over idols, but I haven't done this in a long time so please excuse it just for once okay? I am still young for another couple of months and therefore I am still allowed to act like a kid and fangirl over groups like SHINee and LED Apple *OMFG* and JYJ okay?

But do you know what I can't wait for in England?
Will.i.am and 2NE1...whilst wearing Jeremy Scott...in England. Wouldn't that be awesome? Yes. Yes it would be.
Just look how awesome they look! ;D
And for those that don't know
(left to right: CL, Dara, Will.i.am, Park Bom and Minzy)
Just listen to Will.i.am chatting about these girls! And just so I know you watch it, I'm going to embed it because I know that none of you click on these links...Yep! I'm watching you guys! ㅋㅋㅋ

And if you remember back when Heartbreaker (G-dragon/Kwon Jiyong) came out, GD was accused of it sounding like Flo Rida's Right Around...here's Flo Rida with the lovely G-dragon chatting about what he thinks of the songs...

Calm head back on.

That was a basic introduction to Hallyu Wave.
If you don't listen to K-pop but you just want to stay up to date with what's going on and want to know who the key players will be over here? I'm going to definitely put my money on 2NE1 and Big Bang...perhaps Wonder Girls and Girls' Generation and maybe BoA will even make a comeback even if she is getting older now! So...

From SM Entertainment we've got: Girls' Generation... (I honestly don't think SM will bother even promoting Super Junior much anymore, the same applies for DBSK's remaining two members - Yunho and Changmin - and BoA) and maybe SHINee a little bit.

From YG Entertainment we've got: pretty much everyone! Although the key two will and already are 2NE1 and Big Bang.

From JYP Entertainment: Wonder Girls...don't think 2PM, 2AM or Miss A will do much really.

From CUBE: Maybe G.NA? Not sure about B2ST or 4Minute really...

Others? Maybe some will get into actual bands like CN Blue, FT Island and LED Apple...but I don't think that'll ever go mainstream.
Perhaps there will be stuff on soloists like IU, Ailee, Jay Park etc.

But the key people to check out are in bold and I've linked each artist to a song for you to check out!

Have a nice day and hwaiting! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ