So this is the first time I've ever actually ordered from Forever21...I've been in the stores but they're not as popular over here in England as they are in America and if you don't live in London - I don't - then they're pretty hard to find! 
It came pretty quickly actually, I ordered it on the Saturday I think and it came by...Tuesday? I also ordered a ton of other stuff from other sites and everything and Forever21's was the first to come.
I only ordered three things actually, but I'm pretty happy with what I did order...well I don't think you could be unhappy with it because they were all pretty basic items, just replacing things that due to numerous reasons, I'm unable to now wear...

On with the stuff itself then!

I actually originally put in my order because I wanted these, not because there was anything special about them or anything, but just because it's summer now - although it doesn't really look like it most days actually - and it's annoying wearing covered shoes or flip flops that fall off the back of your feet! They're in taupe, brown and black (I was originally going to go for the brown but the majority of my shoes are actually brown so I decided to mix it up and go for the taupe, I'm not really a fan of black things honestly so they're out of the question!) and even though I don't like buying shoes online, you can't go wrong with a pair of sandals because they pretty much will always fit! So yeah, I don't think I have much to say about these, they're your boring everyday sandals because I don't like too much on my feet everywhere and I'm not really a fan of crazy patterns...

Moving on then!
Next up is a top, which I'm honestly still debating over, it's just a basic racer-back "tank top" as you Americans and stuff call it, but over here it's a vest top or whatever, it's in brown obviously...I was actually going to order the 'rose' one as well, but they only had that in a medium so I couldn't. The only problem I have with this is that it's slightly baggy, which normally wouldn't bother me at all, but because of the low neck, I'm going to have to choose my bras wisely for the day to make sure it doesn't fall down...because that would be gross ㅋㅋㅋ But actually, for the price I managed to steal it for, that's a slight minor set back...and also gives me an excuse to go bra shopping or even buy the stick-on brand that Wendy Cheng always goes on about which actually look really good! Question though, American bodies? Are they a different shape from the rest of the world? This top has a completely different shape to my Korean, Japanese, Swedish and even the English brand tops that I own...which creeped me out a little!
Last up, I wasn't actually sure whether I wanted to post this and in the end I decided I'll just crop it so you can see the pattern because I know there are going to be some weirdos on the Internet and considering I'm not going to be even 17 for another 4 days...I decided I had better not ㅋㅋ
Anyway, with my purchase, I also had to get myself some pants...I swear I collect these things...but how can you not? Every time I go shopping or order anything I have to get myself the extent now that my selection now takes up the majority of my wardrobe maybe I should stop soon...
So do you want to see the pattern? If you hate floral stuff though, I suggest you look away and scroll like you've never scrolled before ㅋㅋㅋ

Floral!! ㅋㅋㅋ I haven't bought that much floral stuff recently so that was nice, I've been focusing too much on white and brown things that I completely forgot to get floral stuff...
So here it is!

I hope you enjoyed that, and tip to everyone in England, if you don't live in a city or near's so much cheaper just to order everything online and you can be lazy and never leave the house!
Have a nice day and enjoy your weekend guys!