Garnier's Intensive 7 days challenge

 Thanks to Garnier's body range, I had the opportunity to test out the Softening Lotion (Shea Butter) from the Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days range.
In this range there is also a Gel-cream and Hand cream.
Within the set of 7 sachets of lotion - one for each day - I also received two 'skin readers' with instructions on how to use them. They each had a black circle on which would pick up dry skin. I tested one out before I tried the lotion and then the other the day I finished the final sachet. As you can see from the photo of the readers below, the lotion clearly gets rid of dry skin!
So I have no complaints there!
It also smelt of Shea Butter so that was great as well!
(even if it wasn't insanely strong and seemed to just wear off unless you were 2cm from your leg/arm etc.)

So for an overview quickly:

 It gave a whitening, brightening and smoothening effect on the skin making the legs overall better, because the dead and dry skin is being removed with the lotion, the new skin underneath becomes prominent and this is lighter so it's good for those wanting lighter leg tones.

 As seen through the skin readers, the "level of dry skin cells" has decreased, the lotion claimed that we would "see, feel & smell the difference" I definitely see and feel it...but I'm not sure about the smell to be honest!

 Smelt like Shea Butter, but wasn't too strong for it to be overwhelming...yet wasn't strong enough either to be worth it really. So don't buy it for the'll be disappointed!

The lotion gives smooth, even, non-greasy skin and is also cheap at currently £4.99 from Boots for a 400ml bottle.
Therefore, I do recommend it to try because it definitely worked for me and I'll be buying myself a full bottle so feel free to have a go yourself and feedback to me if you like!
*Request yourself some samples as well by clicking on this link*