Nasty experience with online shopping...DONE!

I haven't ordered much online that I haven't seen already, when I go and order clothes online usually they're just because I've gone into a shop and they didn't have my size.
Last week I ordered a top and a facial cleansing thing...eum yeah.
It didn't go well. Well actually. It arrived fast so I suppose that's good but when I got it, it was pretty awful quality. I'm debating whether I actually want. If I don't though I won't return it, it's more expensive and I'm lazy. I'll stick it on eBay or something though and it'll be dead cheap because I just want to get rid of it!
In the looked pretty basic so I didn't understand how they could get it wrong, but I guess for a Hong Kong company trying to work as cheaply as humanly's pretty easy to do! 
Well if I just explain my main problems with this top and then you can decide for yourself whether you want to buy it...
1 - The stitching. This really bugs me, it's only a little flaw technically this just makes it look cheap! White stitching has been used on the collar and it's crazy visible. If they'd used black...then this problem would have been solved!
2 - The material itself! It felt to me like the kind of material used for some crazy waterproof thing. It's just a top! I'm not planning on living in it! So why such a strange material choice? But my problem is that they didn't say what the top was made out of when I bought it!
3 - The amount of creasing and flaws in the material. The amount of huge creases...and just the ones that look like no matter how much you iron, it'll never go away...Way more than the normal amount you get when something is being shipped!
4 - The buttons! Or lack of them rather...The buttons are simply sewn onto the top of the top and don't then the head needs to be larger to get a head inside therefore it sits weirdly. So many flaws with not having a couple of buttons on a non-stretchy top! So I guess me and this top are not meant to be! To be fair, it was pretty cheap and therefore of course it's not going to be great...but it was more than some primark stuff and they look more expensive so I guess it just depends really!
I also bought a cleansing device thing...that Lindy Tsang had and I've seen some people with it...I was going to use this...but I don't think I will honestly simply because the packaging was damaged when I received the extent that it looked opened. So just in case, I won't use it because I don't want something weird going on my face! Ahaa~ remember you should always be careful with Hong Kong sellers! I always was when I bought Lolita clothes or I don't know why I've begun to lax that now! Generally I don't buy from sellers from Hong Kong due to their reputation, and this is why! So I won't be doing that again! I think I'll stick to Korean and American suppliers!  Anyway, have a nice day guys!