Planet Spa

I think it's time to finally introduce you to my miracle products! Why are they miracle products? Because they're insane cheap and they work so good! It's like heaven! Ahaa~ if they need skincare in heaven? They probably all have perfect skin in heaven anyway...
It's a range just from avon and it's called 'Planet Spa' and yeah, they pretty much sell everything in this range with different scents and countries and everything, so I'll just get on and share my individual favourite products!
This is my ultimate favourite mask I think, it's Japanese Sake and Rice and I use this like once a week - otherwise it ends up drying out my skin - and I just stick it on when I get home from school or whatever and get on and do everything else for a bit and then like 20 minutes later just peel it off, it doesn't even really need water...but I always just wash my face afterwards to re-hydrate it. 
 It says it's a 'smoothing' and "removes impurities for a cleaner, refreshed look" I'm not sure whether I look cleaner, but I always feel it after I use this one...It also takes off all of the dead skin and gross stuff so it just leaves behind the baby skin when you take it off - so technical there...
 It's really just a white mask, there's not much to it's hard to take off if you don't put it on evenly though, but that just comes with practice!
 I've never had sake so I don't know whether it actually smells like sake, but it definitely smells of rice and it's quite nice because it's not too strong but smells enough to make a difference
It does make my skin smoother and it's great because I personally have pretty oily skin and this mask drys this out and takes out all of the gross oily bits but leaves enough so I don't go the opposite way and dry out!

They're both quite thick the Shea butter mask is heavier than the Olive oil one and is more conditioning...

The Mediterranean olive oil hair mask claims to be conditioning, considering I just use these two masks rather than a conditioner, I think it does that pretty well! The African shea butter one claims to be restoring and it's good for after I've put lots of heat and products on my hair which dry it out. 

 The African one smells crazy like shea butter, I can open it on one side of the bathroom and then get in the shower and like 10 minutes later still be able to smell it really strongly. I love shea butter as well so it's great, you can't smell it as much on your hair after you've used it though.
The olive oil one however doesn't smell of much, a little bit of olive but that's about it. But it's good for everyday use when you don't want the smell of your hair to overpower everything!

It's great for everyday usage, I alternate between these two products, using the Shea butter on the weekends and the Olive oil during the weekdays because it's less conditioning and heavy. It smells enough to smell nice and fresh but not enough to be gross and overpowering.
Now I seem to have a thing against moisturizer, so instead at the moment I'm just using this on my face and neck. It smells great and it's quite thin and hydrating. When I use moisturizer normally, it causes my skin to get oily and greasy and then I break out most of the time so this saves me from that. It's also a pretty small bottle at 50ml, like the olive oil hair mask, and therefore good for travelling as well!

So these are my top three products. I swear if I got trapped somewhere then all I'd need skincare wise is these and some water and I'd be sorted for life - or until they ran out anyway...
I may need to start using some more proper eye creams and wrinkle prevention creams and everything now though just in case so I'll check those out and update later on those,
Until then though, have a nice day guys!