London Docklands

So I was actually meant to do this post back on Tuesday when I actually went to the Docklands for my geography trip...but then we got back later than I thought we would so I gave up on that idea and then it was my birthday, so I just got a little distracted to be honest! But more on that later...

It was a crazy long day, that's pretty much all I have to say about it. We didn't actually go very far but it felt like it because it was a hot day and we were walking and getting different trains and stuff everywhere. Rather than explain what we did, it might be better to explain the couple of pictures I took and explain bits about them instead. So here that goes!

The first photo I took was in Canary Wharf, there was a street piano and when we walked past the first time we saw this man playing the piano - I have no clue who he is I'm sorry! - and we thought he was pretty good so we got some lunch and came back to watch him again! (Turns out the one we saw was actually the Wren Landing one if you felt like checking it out!)
After we ate we decided to go for a walk and ended up not very far away from where we started to be perfectly honest. It was a Tuesday lunchtime and we felt pretty out of place, everyone was in suits apart from us and a German group who had clearly come for a school trip...yeah, we won't comment on the Germans!
I think this is a good place to point out how horrid London birds are! They're so overly confident! If you try and scare a Bedfordshire bird, it flies away...there's no scaring a Londoner bird though.

Then we went to the Greenwich Millennium Village apparently, I don't really understand it or even understand really why it's there and why they feel the need to make it look like Balamory! It did genuinely look like a kids film set though and the primary school kids that we saw all had crazy new phones and stuff so I wasn't sure what was going on there either...
Personally I didn't like the buildings much because they just looked like they were trying too hard, but that's just my opinion!
Here are the houses and stuff from the back, it just seems really over the top to me and doesn't feel like London...I'm not sure whether that's good or bad, it's just not London. On one side there were these crazy buildings and the O2 Arena in the background and then on the other side of the Thames was normal London. But it's all down to personal preference I guess really!
I really had nothing to show for the day other than I pretty much empty Frappuccino bottle and a Canary Wharf magazine I picked up...we went to Westfield for dinner...and as tempting as it was to just chill in Wagamamas or grab some sushi or dim sum or something...we just got McDonald's - yeah, so cultured I know - and we got back home around 9pm-ish and then just went to school again the next day as usual!

So that was a really really brief overview of my day in the London Docklands so I hope you enjoyed that and I shall have an overview of my birthday up soon.