Cambridge... with the 언니

Just a quick little update before I start writing my new more serious posts now because I have some time to finally sit down and organise my blog and write the product posts that I've been meaning to do for months! So I'll jut organise those by product and then create a master page once I've made a significant list so you don't have to search for one if you find one you like.

Also, I'm going to try and make this become more serious and interesting because I found that I actually have a lot to talk about...I'm just too lazy to sit down and write it all! But I think that should change especially now that it's easier for me to post and I have way more time to do it! So please look forward to this summer and if you have any ideas or things you would like to see or advice on posting, publishing, content or even the theme of my blog then feel free to email me!

However, the original purpose of my post is to give you an update of my activities yesterday...thinking about it...we stayed for ages but there wasn't anything specific we did!
We got into Cambridge about 10-11am and then decided to get lost on the way to yeah, our directions aren't great! But hey, we got to GBK in the end! After me being ill the day before - thanks again sun for that - I didn't eat much so I didn't take a picture because it was boring...

Then we went shopping...I feel like I tried loads on yesterday and looked at masses yet only came home with two things and neither were clothes! Yet, I did find a shop that I think will become one of my newest favourites, which we walked past and I looked in the window and loved...well everything! So we went in and it turned out to be a store with Korean brands in, I didn't buy anything yesterday though because I was lazy and tired and...I don't think I have an actual excuse really.
This is what I actually ended up buying

 So I bought two things, a Hollister spray...which usually I'm kind of against Hollister - not officially, like I am with Superdry, but still - but it smelt really nice and it was a good size. I bought Laguna Beach and my friends each bought a different scent, I liked this one though...It smells like...I'm not really sure, but it reminds me of my childhood so it's good!

The other thing I bought was recommended to me by Kate, because my skin has gone really weird at the moment and I need a new cleanser because the Liz Earle one was never really doing much for me! So lets see how this works! If it doesn't...then I blame it on you Kate! ㅋㅋ

Even though I didn't buy much, it was a fun day! And because we're losers we forgot to take any actual photos so now I have no photos ㅠ-ㅠ (There goes my goal of taking millions of pictures this year!) 

As you can also see, I've discovered the beauty that is Korean emoticons. I think they fit into text a little better than the Japanese ones - Kaomoji - do, and tons better than the rubbishy western ones that you have to turn your head sideways like a weird kid to figure out ㅋㅋ

Have a nice day guys!

EDIT: Just thought I'd show you a quick picture of the consistency of the Simple cleanser! It's so foaming! This is the consistency when it comes straight out of the tube, without foaming up or anything.